This is what happens when I wake up at about three in the morning and cannot sleep. I come up with ideas. My idea was for a new character. Well, two characters. If I was to create a super character his name would be Jonathan Bernstein. He would have a sister named Rachel Bernstein. Jonathan Bernstein would have the ability to teleport. Unfortunately for him, he suffers from a combination of schizophrenia and dissociative personalities dissorder. He alter ego is Jack, Jack the Ripper. And he is quite the villain. His calling card is the eviscerated body of a woman. He leaves it wherever he goes. Jonathan is very much a beta male and is afraid of his other half. His sister hates his other personality. (She is blind but can see into the future. IRONY FTW.) Jack has a squicky fascination with Rachel and Jonathan wants it to stop. Jonathan writes notes to the authorities, trying to get himself caught. It has yet to happen. There is much more behind these characters but I have to go to school now.